How Football, Concerts and Festivals Can Leverage StemComm

Herding cats” is often the phrase used to describe trying to round up and coordinate your friends or family in a large public venue. It’s harder in this day where we’ve come to rely on mobile phones to communicate.

Harder, because if you’ve ever gone to a pro or college football game, concert, or festival, you know that a mobile phone network can get bogged down, and you can’t even reach the other person to tell them where to meet you. The University of Michigan stadium, for example, holds 100,000 people. That’s an enormous crowd to navigate without some sort of GPS solution or cell phone communication.

That’s where the StemComm system from Interapt can help festival and concert organizers, and football teams and college athletic departments. StemComm has a GPS tracker, a wifi system, and plenty bandwidth to ensure people can communicate without interruption, regardless of the number of people using the bandwidth.

It was originally designed for first responders to use at an emergency as a closed wifi system. They can communicate on their mobile smartphones and tablets, via voice and data transfer, rather than relying on an already-overburdened wireless network.

But it can also be used for large non-emergency events, like football games, concerts or even San Diego Comic-Con with its 150,000 attendees. StemComm would ensure that you and your attendees have continuous communication

StemComm ensures that your group will always find each other. When everyone is accounted for, and meeting plans have been arranged, outings like these will be more fun and relaxing for everyone involved. Plus, staff will still be able to communicate without worrying about dropped calls or an inability to reach other staff members.

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