Hospital Pagers: Tech Dinosaurs or Still Valid?

30 Rock fans recognize Liz Lemon’s ex-beau, Dennis the Pager King, as the human anachronism in the days of smart phones, but you would be surprised to know that a few doctors are still using pagers today.

According to a story on WNYC, hospitals are looking at switching out the pagers for smartphones, because pagers are obsolete and so limited in their functionality as to be comical. It’s one device that does strictly one thing, almost like keeping a fax machine in favor of a laptop. We’re surprised by this lingering phenomenon. We’ve heard many of the arguments — made mostly by the pager industry — that they have better coverage and are more reliable, especially inside hospitals. But with special closed wifi routers, like the Stemcomm system, hospitals can avoid the problems the pager people argue against. We like smart phones for doctors, because they can do so much more.

  • More detailed texting. A nurse can ask a physician for clarification on an order.
  • Voice-to-text messaging. Save the time of typing and dictate the messages instead. Users can just call a designated phone number, leave a voice mail message, and it’s delivered as a text message.
  • Digital dictation and file transfer:Dictate messages and charts, and email them to transcriptionists.
  • Medical apps made strictly for hospitals. Access patient records, explain surgical procedures, etc.

In addition to offering the Stemcomm system, which can eliminate any wifi access issues, Interapt can also build very robust detailed tools for hospitals and the medical community that won’t auto-correct medical terminology, and will recognize the hospital codes and alerts for what they are intended to communicate to the medical team.

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