Finding Software Developers in the Midwest

Writing software is like being an artist. Everyone has their own style and their own signature. The really good ones are recognized in their field, and are highly sought after, because they produce some great quality work.

Of course, a difficulty we face in Louisville is trying to find high-quality software developers who live in the Midwest. They’re found throughout the globe, but sometimes it takes some effort to get them to come here.

We have people here who can do some of the stuff we need — management, graphic design, user experience design (UXD), testing and requirements gathering. But we’re looking hard for developers who want to work in Louisville, or are willing to telecommute.

We’ve been very fortunate to find partners in India to do a lot of this work. I have a friend from Colorado who recently returned to India to run the company we work with. And they do some amazing work — we’ve been very pleased.

But we still need local talent.

People with an entrepreneurial spirit, who get so invested in what we’re doing that they never want to leave. I don’t need job jumpers, who jump from desk to desk and job to job every year or two. I’m not looking for people who want to be just another cog in a larger machine.

I’m looking for someone who’s 100% invested in what we’re doing, and fully committed to our vision. In our company’s history, no one has ever quit. Every six months, we do an evaluation of the employees, and they do one of the company, and everyone is given the chance to leave if they want to.

No one has ever taken that offer.

We’re looking for people who have certain programming skills: PHP, Python Script, C++, Objective, Objective C, even some mobile experience. We know we’re not going to find people with all of those skills, but rather, we want someone with some solid experience in one or two of them. We’ll even take a few coders and turn them into mobile experts.

We do good work for our clients here, so I need top-notch talent. We may be in Louisville, but we compete with the East Coast and West Coast firms in the size of clients and the quality of work.

When I look for new talent, I immediately want to know what you’ve done. If you’re managing legacy systems at a utility company I’m not interested. If you were working at a startup that failed, or working at web developing, that catches my eye.

We’re looking for strong talent, and I would love to talk to anyone who has the talent, knowledge, and drive to help this company succeed, and become the kind of organization we would both be proud of.

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