What Interapt is Doing for Public Safety and Emergency Alert Apps

In disaster situations such as tornadoes and ice storms, you have a 50% chance of 3G connectivity, and that connectivity is often overloaded. Everyone has a mobile phone, and they want to get in touch with family and friends to make sure everyone is doing all right, and to let everyone know they’re fine too.

This overwhelming traffic during an emergency makes it hard for emergency personnel and first responders to use the same equipment to communicate with their Incident Commanders. That’s why the Interapt StemComm solution, which provides a guaranteed 10-mile radius of wifi, has been so well received in the communities we serve.

We are also exploring the ideas of public safety apps that can be used by both first responders and citizens during an emergency or public safety threat.

We haven’t developed an emergency broadcast system type of app because we’ve been watching the legislation moving in that direction. Eventually it will become law that communities provide the general public with text notifications similar to the Emergency Broadcast System, alerting them to any dangers. That means that right now, there are no set standards and no requirements for what should go into these systems. But we will be ready to respond when those standards are set.

But we have found an opportunity to developpublic safety apps, such as the security app we will launch for an area university in September. Aimed toward the individual user and their own safety, this system will allow a person to notify the app’s security system as they’re leaving the library late at night and walking back to their dorm. They will be asked to key in a PIN to let security know they have reached their destination, and security will be notified immediately if they don’t do it.

This is a safety measure to help students who are concerned for their own safety use their mobile phone to protect themselves] against the possibility of danger. These are the kinds of innovations we’re proudly developing at Interapt to ensure public safety and improve emergency response.”

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