The Law Firm App That Could Change Everything

One of our most interesting projects has been to develop an iPhone and iPad app for a law firm we work with on a regular basis.

In researching the challenges facing law firms, we recognized an opportunity to create an app that would streamline everything from training and human resource functions to signing contracts, archiving them, creating employee folders, billing and the pre-billing process.

Anyone who has watched or read any legal thrillers knows the importance of billing to an attorney. But they also know that attorneys can only do so many tasks in an hour, because most of them take a longer-than-necessary time. Contracts have to be copied, delivered, signed, and then filed. Attorneys need to receive training certification, by attending seminars and listening to lectures. And of course, keeping track of all of this — and then billing the clients accurately and on time — can be a nightmare in itself.

That’s why our new app streamlines all of this process. It makes it possible for attorneys to handle all of these tasks, and more, which will make life easier for them, and even for their client.

We are also including encrypted private messaging and the ability to share news and internal information, which can be more secure than basic email services. We are already looking at the next iteration of this app incorporating legal research and data mining, which can help provide information in a pinch.

We believe that the added element of real-time client billing is very important, especially to the client. Legal clients want to see what their law firm is doing for them as it’s being done, and to avoid sticker shock. No one appreciates receiving an unexpected $20,000 bill that they are unprepared to pay. Clients will have the ability to log in to the app, see how their case is being handled, and even monitor their billing so they can be ready for when the final bill comes, or even make adjustments to strategy as they see how much they owe.

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