Entrepreneur’s Reality Check

We meet with entrepreneurs regularly who have interesting ideas and wish to partner with Interapt on the tech side. Since we are entrepreneurial, we know that any new business idea needs to answer these questions:

  • Who are you selling to or who’s going buy this?
  • Have you proven your concept?
  • How are you going to bring it to market?
  • What are the barriers to entry for other competitors?
  • How simple is it to develop the technology?
  • What is your timeline?

From a tech standpoint, entrepreneurs often need a reality check. Sometimes clients won’t do their due diligence and I’ve literally said to people, “So you’re telling me you want me to develop a service like Twitter, but people will pay for it?” Or, “Somebody already did that. It’s called FourSquare.”

On occasion, we have partnered with some of our clients, and we’re open to that. We just want to avoid developing concepts that would require a full-time team two years to research.

StemComm seemed improbable when we first started talking about it. Who had ever heard of a 10-mile wifi that was affordable? Today, the whole kit, including a drone plane, is a one-time cost of $400,000. It’s definitely something that would have been millions of dollars even five years ago, but we found a way, by working with some smart entrepreneurs, to make it a reality.

At Interapt, we are very good software, database, analytics, and user experience developers. These skill sets tie in nicely to the mobile side. Mobile is 50% interface, 50% technology. What are the 60 things that happen when you hit a button? Those are the 60 things that we are doing behind the scenes at Interapt.

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