How to Know When Your App Makes Good Business Sense

Do you need a mobile app? Are you doing it for the right reasons? At Interapt, early on in our client consults, we identify if they actually need to be mobile, and if they are doing it for the right reasons.

Here are some key points that we address in building apps for our clients. These may help you decide if you are considering developing an app:

1. If the app you want to build is redundant with a website, there’s no need for an app.

We see so many apps that should just be websites. An app should do something unique. An app should be synonymous with the word “tool.” A recreation of a website is not a tool, it’s a waste of money.

For example, if a church asked us to make an app that told their members about the church’s schedule of events, that wouldn’t make good business sense. A website and an Outlook calendar can do that already.

On the other hand, a good idea for the church would be an app that could show videos of a sermon, or even a live video stream of the pastor giving the message, or even streaming youth group events. That makes more sense for a church app. And given some time and conversations with the church leaders, we could come up with even more ideas.

2. An app is a tool that should save your company time, money or both.

When we developed the Why Wait restaurant app for our client, they initially wanted it to provide users with the wait times at restaurants.

We had done our feasibility study for the restaurant industry, and we knew that hostesses couldn’t realistically be accurate about wait times, as they’re always in flux, and the hostesses are always busy. The moment one Why Wait app user was told 10 minutes and waited an hour, that would be the end of that app. Instead, we decided to use it to identify local restaurant’s special offerings, as specified by restaurant management.

When we start creating a new app, we begin by consulting with our clients to identify their in-house pain points — their problems and inefficiencies. Often the phrase “it takes too long to do this”comes up. So, oftentimes, we develop an app to resolve those issues. We are a cost savings center rather than a cost center. Companies are looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. We design our apps to fulfill that need, and often with more bells and whistles than a client initially realized they would need.

When a client spends $100,000 on an Interapt app that saves their business $1 million in the first six months, that’s a worthwhile project. Our apps enable companies to save time, money, track metrics and even minimize wasting human capital on data entry.

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