The Future of Oral Hygiene is Now: Interapt and The Beam Toothbrush

Anyone who watches Big Bang Theory may remember the scene where the guys are helping Penny make her Penny Blossoms hair clips so she can sell them online.

“We should install Bluetooth,” said Sheldon.

“Why?” said Penny.

“Because everything is better with Bluetooth,” said Sheldon.

That’s how we feel about The Beam Toothbrush. The Beam Toothbrush is a smart toothbrush outfitted with a bluetooth chip inside of the brush connected to your mobile phone app, to track your brushing habits and and ensure that you are meeting ADA American Dental Assocation standards.

We are very proud to be a part of The Beam Toothbrush, helping to create the software that The Beam will use.

In its current version 1.0 iteration, The Beam will simply tell you how long you brush, track your brushing habits in real time, and it can even provide a report that you give to your dentist.

Very few people realize that ADA standards require you to brush for a solid two minutes, so this can even tell you if you’re meeting that standard or not.

Future versions of the Beam Toothbrush will track whether you’re brushing too much or too little in the various quadrants of your mouth. While this product is fun for kids, it is really for anyone who is interested in improving their oral hygiene and working to meet the best ADA standards. It’s a teaching tool for kids and adults. Future versions of the Beam Toothbrush could also gamify this system for kids, where they unlock and win digital badges for brushing the right way.

The Beam Toothbrush is just part of the exciting new suite of healthcare products that are coming out, tied into a mobile phone. For more information on The Beam Toothbrush, please visit them at

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