Interapt and the Hooters App

Hooters had been using a texting (a.k.a. SMS) program to engage customers, but they realized they wanted a refreshed approach to mobile marketing for their brand. At Interapt, we were tasked with updating their customer app and finding a fun way to engage customers, drive traffic into their stores, and enhance their brand using mobile. Our solution? The Hooters VIP App.

At Interapt, we are programmers who think like marketers. We suggested that Hooters create an offer that made it so attractive to pay $1.99 for the app, it was a win-win. We developed the App-4-An-App program, where users paid $1.99 and immediately received a $6 appetizer coupon on their iPhone or Android phone.

The Hooters VIP App enables users and Hooters to do the following:

  • User plays to win deals, coupons and giveaways. Our new slot machine game offers coupon prizes that expire in 3-7 days, which helps drive traffic to Hooters stores.
  • Users can vote for their favorite waitress and favorite Hooters location.
  • The Hooters VIP User Account stores all winnings, with ability to redeem from app, add expiration reminders to the user’s calendar, share with friends, and tweet.
  • Users are on a Public Leader Board so users can see how people are using the app and how they rank.
  • Hooters managers can connect with customers via push notification, emails or texts.
  • Interapt’s Hooters VIP App provides an easy back-end for users to add and remove offerings as needed. For example, if it’s a particularly slow night, the user-friendly back-end lets managers easily change offerings to attract new customers via the customers’ preferred form of communication.

Hooters management appreciates that they can track sales from the app; there’s a redemption code that the manager has to use to activate the coupon. At Interapt, we generate a report identifying which stores are getting the most coupon redemptions, downloads, etc. We included numerous metrics tracking to ensure their marketing team has solid data to make future marketing decisions.

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