A New Milestone in Interactive TV, Nashville’s WKRN Launches Text to Win Contests

Nashville’s ABC affiliate, WKRN, deployed their first two text-to-win contests using Interapt’s BabbleAppT software to activate the campaigns. The result? A whopping 9% average response to both WKRN contests. To put this in perspective, a direct mail campaign delivers an expected average of one-half to one percent response rate.

The first text-to-win contest was for the Country Music Awards sweeps, and ran for five days, promoted during the three-hour morning newscast, as well as on their website. During the morning newscast from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., one keyword was announced and entrants vied for a daily gift of a CMA sweep.

At the end of five days, all of the entrants vied for a pair of tickets to the first night of the CMA music fest. In five days, WKRN received 12,771 entries, or an average of 2,500 a day.

The second five-day text-to-win contest offered just one Grand Prize: Two season tickets to the Tennessee Titans football games. Again, one keyword was announced just once during the three-hour morning newscast, and viewers were asked to text it in to enter. WKRN realized 12,231 entries for the five days, or an average of 2,400 entrants daily.

From the station’s perspective, this is Phase One of metrics gathering – proving to advertisers that the WKRN audience is proactively engaged, and that every time they do a contest, they get an average of 9% of their 118,000+ morning time slot viewing audience to respond. We at Interapt are proud to provide the software that enables WKRN to successfully execute the contests and gather these metrics.

About BabbleApp

Version 1.0 of BabbleApp is the culmination of best practices automated seamlessly and simply, enabling local TV networks to capitalize on social interactive TV.  Through their mobile phones, audience viewers will be able to do the following:

  • Vote on audience polls. Real-world application: Do you like Mitt Romney or President Obama? The Cubs or the Cardinals?
  • Text their comments to the network in real-time and have on-camera talent react to their comments if they so choose. On the network side, networks and advertisers will be able to gather intelligence to understand the demographics and interests in the viewers. They will be able to send them mobile coupons based on their preferences.
  • Allow users to build their own communities by sharing their social media information with each other while watching the same TV program.

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