At Interapt, we are proud to introduce the STEMCOMM system — Strategic Tactical Emergency Management Communications. Our unique wifi system is a 50-foot mast that creates a serious, robust wifi capability in an open area, up to a 1 mile radius. If you’re trying to communicate in a location with many tall metal buildings, there can be difficulty, depending on the terrain, but we have also a solution to overcome that, using additional repeaters and routers.

With the Interapt solution, first responders have a dedicated, private, encrypted, and secured data network that we call STEMCOMM.

STEMCOMM is a wifi communications trailer whose signal can be picked up within a 1-mile radius of the trailer’s location. It is mounted with a military-grade wifi router and can transmit massive amounts of data and images lightning fast, showing headquarters and other responders what the situation looks like to help with assessing needs and determining equipment and personnel who need to be on the ground. It can be pulled by a small truck, like a Jeep, and located within a mile of the site of the emergency.

STEMCOMM is a project that was initially housed out of a necessity for the military to have more secure, accurate and unfailing communications. At Interapt, we decided to commercialize it as a product to be used for numerous applications– not only for the urgent demands of first responders, the military, and law enforcement, but also for universities looking to create a campus-wide network to ensure student safety, enabling campus security officials to pinpoint a student in trouble. STEMCOMM can also be used for non-emergency situations, such as social networking at large gatherings like trade shows, sports competitions, music festivals, church services and the like.

All of this wifi communication comes from STEMCOMM’s private network, which is unique to Interapt. No matter what your communications need, with STEMCOMM, you’re always covered.

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