Does Your TV Network Need the BabbleApp?

Born out of spending two years with news directors to understand their needs, time constraints and technology constraints, we at Interapt developed the BabbleApp, a social interactive television app, to create enormous revenue opportunities for networks and advertisers.

What is the BabbleApp? Version 1.0 of the BabbleApp is the culmination of best practices automated seamlessly and simply, enabling local TV networks to capitalize on social interactive TV.

Also called the “second screen,” BabbleApp works sort of like the “pop up facts” that you see on certain TV shows like “River Monsters” or “DVD on TV.” And anyone who remembers popup videos from the 1990s will know exactly what we’re talking about.

Imagine being able to watch a show and have certain facts, special information, and even behind-the-scenes looks and information that viewers of a normal program can’t get. And imagine being able to do it on your smartphone or tablet.

Using the BabbleApp, audience viewers will be able to do things like:

  • Vote on audience polls, especially real-world questions like: Do you like Mitt Romney or President Obama? The Cubs or the Cardinals?
  • Text their comments to the network in real-time and have on-camera talent react to their comments if they so choose.
  • Allow users to build their own communities by sharing their social media information with each other while watching the same TV program.

The upside of all this interactivity is that it shows national advertisers how much interactivity the local networks can generate. We have heard for the last two years that national companies and ad buyers typically don’t like to deal with small market stations, because they think the markets are too small.

But with the BabbleApp, local networks and advertisers are able to gather intelligence to understand the demographics and interests of the viewers. With this information, they can then go back to the national advertisers and buyers, and show them how effective the station actually is.

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