How Social Interactive Television Is Changing How You Watch TV

With most people watching TV today with two or more devices at hand (a mobile smart phone, or tablets such as iPads, Kindles, and Nooks and more) it’s only a brief matter of time before Social Interactive Television is the “new normal.”

What is Social Interactive Television?

Imagine this:

  • Your Tweeted comment appearing in real time on the lower third of the TV screen during your favorite TV show (this is already happening).
  • Watching the Super Bowl and voting in real time for the best half-time show in its history, best quarterback, or even the best commercial.
  • Piers Morgan or Charlie Rose seeing and using your question in real time while interviewing a celebrity.
  • Being able to click on décor, art or clothing you’re seeing on an episode of Mad Men or a piece of furniture on HGTV and being able to instantaneously buy it via an online retailer.
  • Your TV giving you a pop-up video option to see definitions of the terms your show is using in real time, such as a history behind the antiques you see on Antique Road Show, Pawn Stars, or Storage Wars, or even bios of the people you see on screen.

All of this will be possible in the near future with Social Interactive Television.

As with any social network, communities will be created around shared personal interests; with social interactive television, that shared interest will be a specific TV show—remember the rabid fans of Lost? It will also be a particular genre of television such as reality TV shows, horror, sci-fi, comedy, drama, fantasy or even favorite news programs.

Our company, Interapt, has seen the fast-approaching landscape, researched it, dissected it, and created a realistic solution for users and networks to implement. In our next post, we will talk about BabbleApp, our social interactive television product that will have implications on the way many of us will be watching television in the future — socially, engaged, and connected.

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